Thank you for exploring Hot Air Ballooning – the sport of Kings and Queens! This is an incredible experience that is the most enjoyable when shared with someone special. If you schedule a flight individually, you’ll end up with not only extraordinary memories, but new friends, since we only allow nice people aboard our balloons (funny, those seem to be the only ones who are interested in ballooning !!). Actually, everyone is out to have a great time. Some are doing something special for a birthday, others are celebrating an anniversary, then there are those who are visiting the area from somewhere else around the world, or entertaining visiting family, friends or business associates from the four corners of the Earth. Some are doing something special to commemorate an important event in their lives, perhaps a retirement, or a year smoke-free. It’s always exciting when a wedding proposal occurs ( no one has ever refused from more than ten feet off the ground!) Some are just treating themselves or someone else just because. Any reason is a great reason to enjoy a balloon flight.

We offer Hot Air Balloon Rides here in the Woodinville and Snohomish area just east of Seattle Daily July through September . This is the optimal time of year for Hot Air Ballooning Weather! The rest of the time it is next to impossible to plan any outdoor activities with any certainty due to the wet climate.

We also conduct flights in the Sonoran Desert in the north fringes of Phoenix, Arizona where the optimum season is November through May. As the extra heat from the burners overhead may make the ordeal a bit uncomfortable during the hot summer months. At the very least, it is more delightful within these time frames.

Ballooning offers a unique experience of floating above Mother Earth with an inexplicable feeling of freedom that can only be imagined by those who haven’t yet tried it. Through you’ll be riding in an open basket, the sides are high enough to provide you with a secure feeling so that even those with a little fear of heights will enjoy the event.

So come join us for whatever reason for a wonderful excursion that will provide a lifetime of treasured memories and be reminiscent of the veritable beginning of manned flight, even space travel!