What To Wear


This is a sporting event, so casual attire is appropriate, including slacks or shorts and any comfortable top. You’ll be climbing into and out of the basket, so dresses/skirts are not advisable. It isn’t colder during the flight than on the ground. But sunrise or sunset is part of your excursion. You may start out with a jacket or be glad for one at the end. Layers are definitely the best way to go. We do launch and land in areas that may be not be level and contain rocks, ruts, moisture, cow patties and other elements you may not wish to expose your toes or ankles to. We urge you to wear athletic shoes, walking shoes or otherwise sturdy footwear. Open shoes, heels, sandals or dress shoes are NOT a good choice. If it is warm out, especially if you’re on the tall side, you may appreciate a hat.