Reservations are required and are made on a first come first served basis, as we do have a limit to the number of passengers we can carry. The phones are manned (personed?) from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm at least 7 days a week; sometimes more sometimes less. It isn’t unusual to find space available the same day you call, or on tomorrow mornings flight as late as 6:00 pm the evening before. It’s certainly worth a try! Of course, you may make arrangements for your flight as much beforehand as you wish. If you need or want a certain date (birthday, anniversary or that’s when your guests will be in town), we encourage you to book as much ahead of time as possible to lock in your date. If something comes up to force you to change your plans, we require only 48 hours prior notice. Otherwise, not using your reservations with less than 48 hours prior notice to your scheduled meeting time will result in being charged full fare—but you can go at some time later on a “stand-by” space available basis.

We require a credit card or other form of advance payment to guarantee your spot. Since we are vulnerable to the weather, we don’t process your payment until after the flight. So at that time you can change your payment method if you like-we even accept cash! If we should cancel for your safety, you have no further obligation. Naturally you may reschedule but that may not work out for you, like if you are leaving the area before we have any space on future flights. The point is it’s your option and you won’t need to hassle with a refund since we haven’t charged you yet!

We operate different size balloons. Weight is a consideration, so don’t be surprised when we inquire about the weight of your group to assure your comfort while aloft.

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