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Congratulations on your gift of a….

Hot Air Balloon Ride For most folks this is a once in a life time event, so we wish to help you make it care free and memorable as possible.

Here are a few notes of general information about your upcoming balloon flight Reservations are made on a first come first serve basis, so you may plan as much in advance as you wish though often a day or so in advance is OK.

Just call 425.487.8611 and have your ticket number (in the upper right hand corner of the certificate) handy. We offer morning and evening flights daily.

Meeting times vary throughout the season as they are determined by sunrise and sunset which affects the wind. Our season is late June through September. Give us a call for directions or check www.letsgoballooning.com for a map. You will want to call a day or so before your scheduled flight to confirm your meeting time. Please be sure to phone in an hour and a half before you meeting time for any last minute instructions and to make sure the weather (and wind) forecast is approximate.

As for what to wear, here are a few suggestions. While most expect it to be much cooler while you are up in the air, a small amount of heat from the balloon is radiated back down. So, believe it or not, it can actually be a couple of degrees warmer inside the basket then on the ground. You will want to dress for the weather conditions on the ground that day. But we will be starting out just before the sun is up ( or landing just as the sun is setting for the afternoon flights when available), so keep in mind that we will experience some temperature variations during the event.

The best thing to do is dress in layers so you can accommodate the altercations as they occur. You will probably be most comfortable in some type of walking or athletic shoes, avoiding “open” styles such as sandals or “heels” as the terrain can be uneven, rocky, moist, and have otherwise unfavorable condition for your toes.

We serve Champagne as part of our traditional celebration toast upon landing. If you prefer something non-alcoholic, let us know when you reserve so we can provide sparkling cider for your enjoyment. Other than a reminder to bring your camera and to make sure you have plenty of film (remember this site was built in the nineties ) (and it wont hurt to check the batteries!), that’s about it.

If you think of any questions, please don’t hesitate to call. Again, you can reach us at 425.487.8611



Order your Flight Certificate by printing out this certificate and then call for your authorization number, then just give it for a great gift for family, love ones or just that special gift.

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